"Grief is the form love takes when someone we love dies."

Grief is experienced through the loss of a loved one - a close relative, a friend, or even a pet.  Death of a loved one or a serious illness can be cataclysmic, often upsetting one’s whole life.  Grief can create emotional, psychological, behavioral, even physical changes.  Becoming overwhelmed, confused, sad, and anxious about the future are painful reactions.

Friends and relations may wish to help, but simply don’t know how.

Healing requires finding the pieces and putting them back together in a new way, in a new life.  Some individuals can cope on their own.  Others may benefit from talking with a professional.   Sometimes just one session, a grief check up, can bring the losses into focus and make them more manageable.  For others, there may be a need for further counseling.

Seeing a grief therapist can provide tools to help navigate through this difficult, painful time.

Elena Bell, a licensed social worker and a qualified grief therapist has had much success helping hundreds of individuals.  She guides them in a welcoming, gentle-mannered, non-judgmental atmosphere.  This allows the person to resolve stressful change and to recreate a sense of well being.

If you feel I can help you, please call me; there is no charge for an initial telephone conversation.  Further appointments can be scheduled at my office in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. 

Call me at 843-860-4363 or email elenabell47@gmail.com

About Elena

Elena received her Masters Degree in Social Work from Columbia University in New York City. She is a Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW) and credentialed by the Academy of Certified Social Workers (ACSW).

She is the first social worker to be awarded the Partners in Progress Award by The South Carolina (SC) Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. She has been recognized by and received awards from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), the SC American Cancer Society, the SC National Association of Social Workers, and Hospice of Charleston. She is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Bridges, a community agency dedicated to providing information and resources to assist individuals in the Lowcountry as they navigate end-of-life realities.

Her interest in loss and grief began with her work as an oncology social worker at MUSC where she practiced for 25 years. Her grief and loss skills were honed at numerous state and national trainings. Working with individuals and groups she has helped many find their way after loss. She is a frequent presenter at professional and community meetings and is founder and facilitator of Journey Through Grief, an eight-week support program. Elena maintains an office for her private practice in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.